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Wurlitzer "skin" for jOrgan
The second project is a new skin I developed for jOrgan. I had purchased Neil Jensen's excellent 3-11 starter theater organ and discovered that it required a large format monitor. Since I wanted to use my existing touchscreen monitor, I decided to create a jOrgan front end as mentioned above. Since theater organs have lots of stops, I needed a way to make the stop tablets small so they would all fit. I also wanted to be able to read them quickly while performing. I decided to borrow the solution used by WurlitZer (and other theater organ makers). My tabs have small labels for their names, but large labels for the footages and rank abbreviations. The later are at the front edge of the tabs. Click on the image for a full-size view - its the only way you'll see this!
In order to do this, I had to use the "description" element filed and bind text to different layers. The easiest way to explain it is for you to examine to skin.xml file. You will also need two free fonts to use my skin. I chose these because they were free and approximated the fonts used by WurlitZer. Both fonts are available for Windows and OS-X at AbstractFonts.com. The two fonts you will need are MankSans and TypoSlabSerif-Light. Install these and then download and try the skin. You will get a zip file. Unzip the file and place it in your "skins" folder.