Roland C-180 Organ
Manufacturer: Roland Year Built: 1999
Model: C-180  

I was walking through my local Sam Ash music store one day and saw a pile of boxes labeled "organ" being sold for a couple hundred dollars. It seams Sam Ash was having a clearance on these funny little one-manual organs. I bought one immediately. Basically, this is a one manual Rodgers organ (Roland owns Rodgers) in a low-end synthesizer case. It has a complete specification for a great manual, plus a couple pedal stops that can be controlled from a MIDI pedal board (not included.) It has a second set of synthesizer voices, including pianos and strings. It also has six settable general pistons! On top of this, it came with a stand and built-in monitor speakers!

I have used this for wedding s, funerals, and even a religious service at a synagogue that had no organ. It usually sits in Erica's (my daughter, who is in law school) room.


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