ProKeys 88 Sx Stage Piano
Manufacturer: M-Audio Year Built: 2007
Model: ProKeys 88 Sx  

Even though organ is my main instrument, I get called to play piano more than anything else. Hence, I need a good stage piano that I can lug to gigs. For years, I carried my Roland A-80 master controller keyboard and a sound module. The A-80 weights about 75 pounds (so heavy that I never purchased a case for it!) Hence in 2007, I purchased this 88 Sx to be my "lugging" piano. It weighs only 17 lbs so, even with a case that contains all the cables and adapters, I can easily move it from place to place. The sound is excellent. I verified the sound and touch at the NAMM show before I purchased it. I also purchased a second one of these for the Night Blooming Jazzmen where it replaced an ancient , heavy, and poor-sounding Roland.


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