Kawai KG-2 Grand Piano
Manufacturer: Kawai Year Built: 198?
Model: KG-2  

Even though the only instruments I have ever studied are organ and trumpet, I seam to spend most of my musical career playing the piano. In fact, I never even owned a real piano until after I was married and bought a house. I purchased this piano. directly from Kawai since my father was consulting with them at the time. It is a 5'10" grand finished in Sappelli Mahogany. My parents purchased the same piano, but with a matte walnut finish, at the same time. Theirs sits unplayed in their living room. It is basically a sculpture. I had it tuned for them once, ~2000, and it hasn't been touched since then.

Mine is used quite often to prepare for concerts or to play sing-alongs as a break from the organ.


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