Kawai DX1800 Entertainment Organ
Manufacturer: Kawai Year Built: 1982
Model: DX1800  

After developing the North American Rockwell computer organ system that is used by Allen Organ, my father set up his own company and spent the rest of his career inventing musical instruments. He consulted with Kawai in Japan for six years. I was very lucky to work with my father for most of this period. The entire Kawai line of organs and synthesizers used our technology. This organ, the DX1800 (DX stands for "digital excellence" was the top of the line in the first model year of the new "ADEPT" (advanced digital electronic polyphonic tone, a name my father devised for Kawai) system. Tow of the first serial numbers have a special name plate with the name "Deutsch" engraved on it. This is one of these. The other sits in my parent's living room.

Although all the stops are digital, the DX1800 still has analog sounds for the rhythm unit and arpeggiator.


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