Gold Tone Banjolele (Banjo-Uke)
Manufacturer: Gold Tone Year Built: ~2007
Model: ???  

I discovered George Formby several years ago and was hooked. Formby was the biggest box office draw in the UK in the 30s and 40s. He was known as "the British Jerry Lewis", which is both strange and accurate. He was the king of silly, slapstick, low-budged moves there. He also was quite a ukulele and banjo player. His movies always contained several songs he was introducing. I also liked the idea of the banjo uke because it has a small fingerboard that fits my hands better than other banjos. I had already owned a cheap regular ukulele for a few years so when I saw Gold Tone displaying this Formby model at the NAMM show I tried to buy the sample. Unfortunately, it had already been sold. However, they let me order one of my own at the same price!


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